Healing and Hope at Our Wings Camp –and How to Apply

The loss of a loved one affects every aspect of our lives. We frame cherished memories to help us cope. However, children often grieve differently from adults. Because you may not see their grief manifest externally, some call children the “invisible grievers.”  Most children have not gained the coping skills needed to process death, and many have difficulty talking about their experiences. This is why we created the Wings Camp.

At 3HC Hospice, our bereavement support services are there to help the entire family—including the children. 

What Is the 3HC Wings Camp?

Our Wings Camp started in 2000, as a result of a vision to help children not only work through their grief but gain support from other children who were also facing these emotional challenges. Up to 30 children from ages 8 to 16 participate in the Wings Camp.

Typically, Wings Camp is held in August every year. 

Supervised by 3HC Hospice staff and volunteers, Wings Camp participants take part in a variety of activities designed to both educate and provide some relief from the stress of losing a loved one. 

All of our staff and volunteers at Wings Camp have received extensive training to work with children who have lost loved ones, whether their parents, a sibling, or a grandparent. Each of our volunteers undergoes a complete background check and attends a mandatory pre-camp training session.

What Sort of Activities Do Children Participate in At Wings Camp?

The purpose of the camp is twofold: One is to provide educational information about grief to help them process their emotions, and the second is to help them find support and friendship among other children who are also struggling with grief. 

Activities include:

  • Therapeutic art projects
  • Grief education—including films about grief and a therapeutic grief group
  • Camper/Family activities
  • Courses in teamwork and self-esteem
  • Campfire activities
  • Swimming

The camp culminates with a candle-lighting memorial service and a balloon release featuring letters to their loved ones. 

How to Participate in Our Wings Camp

If you have a child you would like to sign up for our camp, getting started is simple. All you have to do is complete the camp application, which can be found through this link: Camp Application  

If you have any questions, please contact our bereavement experience coordinator who can be reached at:

Edith Keesecker, Bereavement Experience Coordinator

2402 Wayne Memorial Drive

Goldsboro, NC 27534

Office: (919) 735-1387 ext.1510


Wings Camp Seeks Experienced Volunteers

Are you interested in helping a child? We’re seeking experienced volunteers. All you have to do is complete the following form:

Volunteer Application 

We Treat Your Entire Family As If You Were Members of Our Own

When we say we treat you like family, we mean not just our patients, but their loved ones as well. This includes helping spouses, siblings, parents, and children through bereavement support. 

We know that children often need help expressing and processing grief, and since our Wings Camp began, we have helped hundreds of children cope with their loss. We invite you to learn more about 3HC, our mission, and how we have served area families for decades.