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Wings Camp – Volunteer

2023 Wings Camp

Volunteer Application

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It is the wish of 3HC to use all volunteers and/or counselors that apply, but this is dependent upon how many children we have at camp.

Covid 19 Notice

Vaccination against COVID-19 is mandatory at our organization unless you are approved for an accommodation due to a religious objection or ADA covered medical condition. The organization will also review medical recommendations for a delay in vaccination or for other contraindications to vaccination.

Notice Regarding Background Investigation

Please read Carefully Before Signing Acknowledgement In conjunction with your application for employment, the company may obtain information about you from ADP Screening Services. Thus, you may be subject to “consumer reports” and “investigative reports” which may include information about your character, general reputation, personal characteristics and mode of living, and which can involve personal interviews with sources such as neighbors, friends, or associates. Reports may also contain public records (including criminal records), eviction records, driving history information, consumer credit, employment and education verification, etc. These reports may be obtained at any time after receipt of your authorization and throughout the term of any employment. You have the right, upon written request made after receipt of this notice, to request disclosure of the nature and scope of an investigative report.

Acknowledgement and Authorization

I acknowledge receipt of the NOTICE REGARDING BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION and the SUMMARY OF YOUR RIGHTS UNDER THE FAIR CREDIT AND REPORTING ACT and certify that I have read and understand both. I hereby authorize the obtaining of "consumer reports" and investigative reports" at any time after receipt of this authorization and, if I am contacted for employment, throughout the term of my contract. I hereby authorize, without reservation, any law enforcement agency, administrator, state or federal agency, institution, school or university (public or private), information service bureau, employer or insurance company to furnish any and all background information requested by any consumer reporting agency acting on behalf of the company. I certify that the information provided is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and agree that a facsimile ("fax") or photocopy of this authorization shall be valid as the original.
MM slash DD slash YYYY
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