What Is the Best Local Home Health Agency for You? 5 Criteria to Consider

When it comes to caring for you or the one you love, the decision should not be taken lightly. In fact, there may be a local home health agency near you, but it can be difficult to determine if it would be a good fit for you or someone you love.

That’s why we’ve taken the most important elements of home health care for you to evaluate and refined them into 5 important criteria to consider.

5 Important Criteria to Determine the Best Local Home Health Agency Near You

1. Longevity

How long has the organization served the community? You want a local home health agency that has demonstrated its faithfulness to its clients over the course of several decades. This means they have extensive experience in helping those with a variety of chronic diseases.

3HC Home Health and Hospice Care has been around for more than 40 years. You don’t achieve that kind of longevity without demonstrating unequaled dedication to patients and their families.

2. Well-Trained and Credentialed Employees

A reputable non-profit hospice organization is only as reliable and dependable as its employees, so it’s vital to be sure the organization has employees who are well-trained and have received the proper accreditations and credentials.

At 3HC, we make sure our employees have the credentials and continuing education they need to serve our patients. In addition, we have some employees who have been with us for more than 20 years, with some who have been employed with us for 38 years, demonstrating that we invest in our staff as well as in our reputation for excellent care.

3. The Types of Procedures that Are Offered

Does this local home health agency stay abreast of the latest technology? Recent innovations now mean that treatments that once required a hospital visit can now be safely done at home. Doing so is not only more convenient for the patent, but it’s more economical as well.

At 3HC, we are proud to be on the forefront of these medical technological advancements and resources. We are continually implementing new therapies that will give the greatest benefit and convenience for our patients.

4. Rehabilitation Services

The goal of a local home health agency should be to let the patient live as fulfilling a life as possible. A part of that equation is offering a range of rehabilitation services geared to assist the patient. This may mean teaching them new ways of brushing their teeth or tying their shoes. It could be practice walking with a cane or walker or other assistive device.

At 3HC, we’re proud to offer three different types of therapies:

  • Physical therapy, which focuses on improving the strength and functionality of the body.
  • Occupational therapy, which helps patients perform detailed movements that will help them learn to bathe, get dressed and prepare meals.
  • Speech therapy, which focuses on improving speech and addressing any swallowing issues.

5. Reputation

How does your local home health agency compare to others in the area? Are they highly recommended? Do they have good reviews?

Establishing a solid reputation takes years. Sometimes, even decades. It’s a direct reflection of patient care and the emphasis the organization places on not only helping its clients, but helping their families as well.

Our care surpasses industry standards, which is why we’re one of the highest ranked organizations of our kind in North Carolina.

Does Your Local Home Care Agency Treat You Like Family?

We didn’t include this in the top 5, because it’s something that’s more intangible. It’s hard to pinpoint or describe. There’s not a survey or grade or quantitative measurement that will give the answer. But you know it when you experience it.

We invite you to experience why we are the local home care agency that makes you feel like family as we care for the whole patient and their loved ones.

Take the next step by contacting us today.