Understanding Different Types of In-Home Health Care

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For millions of Americans, in-home health care allows them to get the services they need without leaving their residences. This is vital when their condition makes it difficult to access outpatient care. In-home health care covers a wide variety of services, ranging from something as simple as assisting with dressing to something as comprehensive as providing physical therapy.

Technological advances in health care have also made it possible for patients to get care at home that was previously only available in outpatient centers or hospitals. This is why in-home services have continually improved through the years.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at various types of these in-home services.

But to us, this is about much more than health care.

Dealing with a serious illness or recovering from a joint replacement or injury can be isolating. You can feel like you’re alone. Frustration sets in when you’re not able to easily perform the activities you once did. It’s at times like these, you truly learn the meaning of the word family.

Family are the ones who stick by you when times are challenging. Family helps you regain your strength and provides relief and help when you need it.

Your family isn’t necessarily the people you are related to. At 3HC, we consider you a part of our family.

And a true family cares for one another through the most difficult times.

At 3HC, our in-home health care services offer a multifaceted approach. We have therapists who assist with physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Nursing assistants provide help for those who have difficulty with everyday activities like bathing or cooking. For decades, we have served 24 counties in Eastern North Carolina. Could you or someone you love benefit from in-home care? Contact us to learn more. 

Various Types of In-Home Health Care

Medical Home Health Care

Medical home health care provides services related to treating or managing a medical condition. The most common conditions we see in medical in-home health care are:

Heart disease, heart failure or other cardiac-related diseases
Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia
Joint replacements

Medical in-home health care can also assist those who are managing several chronic diseases, such as diabetes.

In addition, our team of registered nurses monitors our patients’ conditions and provides accurate and timely information to doctors and other members of the health care team as needed. They ensure that the course of care is being followed precisely.

By addressing any concern promptly, they not only help ensure safety but also reduce the likelihood of hospital admission.

Non-Medical Home Care

We recognize that our patients often have needs that don’t fall under the umbrella of medical care. In these cases, we utilize the skills of our certified nursing assistants to provide help with things such as:

Medically appropriate exercises

Through assisting with everyday activities, we’re able to help our patients live as independently as possible

Specialized Home Health Care

There are certain conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, that require a more specialized approach and extensive training. We ensure that your loved one is being closely monitored and has access to an extensive array of appropriate care.

Medical Social Work

We realize that physical challenges are only part of managing a serious, chronic illness. There is also an emotional and social aspect to consider as well. With several different agencies offering a variety of assistance, it can be confusing–especially when you’re also battling a physical illness.

Our medical social workers enable patients to draw from the strength they have within themselves. They are also a valuable resource for where to find support and comfort from other community members.

How Do You Choose the Right Type of Home Health Care?

Is in-home health care for you? Do you qualify for this service? We’ve outlined a few items to help you determine the right type of care for you.

Speak With Your Doctor

Your doctor will be able to outline the services you need and the benefits they offer. They’ll also provide details on your medical needs (such as wound care, physical therapy, or medication monitoring and management).


Understand Your Needs

Do you only need help with everyday tasks such as washing clothes or getting dressed? Have you had a hip replaced and you’re still working on restoring functionality? These are all items to take into consideration when examining the types of in-home health care that is best for you.

We always believe patients should be an active member of their healthcare team. That’s why we believe patient education is so essential to everyone’s success. Often, this means having frank and open conversations with caregivers, healthcare professionals, and even family members.

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Research Home Health Agencies

What are you looking for in a home health company? Are you looking for one to merely “do their job” or do you desire an organization that takes time to get to know you and understand every detail of your needs? It’s important to do your research

At 3HC, we believe in caring for the whole patient. This means not only tending to physical needs but also establishing a good relationship with the patient and their families. We believe it is only through creating these valuable bonds that we can truly provide the level of care you need and deserve.

3HC: In-Home Health Care That Treats You Like Family

We have a long history of service to North Carolina counties from the Triangle to the coast. We’ve served tens of thousands of patients, making a difference in their everyday lives.

But for 3HC, it’s not about numbers or even history. It’s about a shoulder to lean on. It’s the rewarding experience we get from helping you regain the ability to walk after an accident.

We know the core of what we do centers around not only providing stellar care but being on your journey with you, step-by-step. We want it to be possible for you to stay in your home as long as you are safely able to do so, and we consider it a privilege to be a part of that process.

Want to know more about our in-home health care services? Start here to find the right care.