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Pediatric Hospice Care

When a child is in hospice care, family becomes more important than ever.

For a terminally ill child, what has become normal is no longer playing with friends, going to school, and begging to stay up one hour more at night. Life has become a sea of worried adults, pricking needles, and feeling tired and in pain amidst the bland walls of the hospital.

The decision to begin pediatric hospice care is a heart-wrenching one. When that decision becomes necessary, let our family help your child become more comfortable. We strive to reduce pain, decrease fear, and give your child as much happiness as possible.

Pediatric Hospice Care

Pediatric Hospice Care with 3HC: Our Philosophy

Pediatric hospice is a coordinated program of services for children from birth to young adulthood.

We have the same philosophy for pediatric hospice care as we do for adults. This is to affirm life, add joy to each remaining day and provide as much comfort as possible. Our family wants to meet the needs of your family. That includes the emotional, psychological and physical needs of the child. We also help the family, friends and caregivers during this difficult time.

Pain and symptom management for children can be more complicated than it is for adults. Therefore, palliative care is one of the primary focuses of pediatric hospice care for the patient.

What Diagnoses are Eligible for Pediatric Hospice Care?

While many think hospice is only for those with cancer, our coordinated program of services is for a wide range of diagnosis, including heart conditions and neurological disorders.

Grief Care from 3HC

For the surrounding family and friends, bereavement services are especially important. A child’s impending and subsequent death can shake anyone to the core, and families can have an extremely difficult time coming to terms with the reality of the situation.

In these circumstances, it is essential that families take advantage of the various grief care services that are offered through 3HC.

Contact 3HC for Pediatric Hospice Care Services

During this most difficult and heartbreaking time, it’s important to surround yourself with those who support and care for you. It’s vital to be sure that the ones assisting your child are treating them with loving concern and quality care.

At 3HC, we want you to know that you’re not alone. We are there for you, whether it’s through helping your child manage symptoms, or providing assistance through grief counseling. You can call our 24-hour referral line at: 1-800-692-4442 or start here to get care or request information.

We are the home health and hospice provider that truly treats those we serve like family. For more than 40 years, we have been helping families from the Triangle area to the NC Coast.

Pediatric Hospice Care