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Grief Care

Bereavement is a journey that begins when the loss of a loved one is at hand.

Many people experience a deep feeling of separation when their loved one’s consciousness and awareness fades.

Grief is our natural response to losing a loved one and the grieving process is different for everyone.

Grief Care

Our Bereavement Care Team is trained to support families and friends with feelings of grief. The Bereavement Care Team helps provide healthy ways to cope with the loss. We provide bereavement support to families and friends for 13 months after the loss of a loved one.

We offer support in the following ways:

Bereavement Support Groups

Anyone suffering from grief due to the loss of a loved one is welcome to attend these free monthly support groups. Through sessions, participants will navigate through their grief with the tools, education, and support needed.


Grief Support Groups Flyer


These support groups are not to be considered counseling, but rather a place to share your experience with a local peer group.

Individual Support

Sometimes it can be helpful to speak to someone one-on-one. A Bereavement Care Team member is available to speak with you to help you process emotions and support you through the stages of grief.

Mailings and Phone Calls

We provide a monthly newsletter to our bereaved families. We also call our bereaved families occasionally to offer support.

If you are struggling with grief, or to learn more about our grief programs, please contact:

Edith Keesecker, MA, BSW

3HC Bereavement Experience Coordinator
(919) 735-1387, ext. 1510 or (919) 437-8039

Grief Care