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Easy Central Referral Line For All Offices: 1.800.692.HHHC(4442)
Central Referral Fax: 1.866.642.5791
Central Email Address:

Contact information for all of our office locations:

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Direct Phone Numbers to Certified Clinical Offices:

Clinton Office

910.592.1421 (Phone)
800.695.4442 (Toll Free within NC)
910.592.7392 (Fax)

Greenville Office

252.758.8212 (Phone)
800.274.8212 (Toll Free within NC)
252.758.1384 (Fax)

Goldsboro Office

919.735.1386 (Phone)
800.879.4442 (Toll Free within NC)
919.731.4985 (Fax)

Henderson Office

252.654.9491 (Phone)
877.443-9080 (Toll Free within NC)
252.572.0631 (Fax)

Kinston Office

252.527.9561 (Phone)
800.926.4442 (Toll Free within NC)
252.527.6617 (Fax)

Pollocksville Office

252.527.3869 (Phone)
800.753.4443 (Toll Free within NC)
252.224.0329 (Fax)

Smithfield Office

919.934.0664 (Phone)
800.283.4442 (Toll Free within NC)
919.934.9046 (Fax)

Wilson Office

252.291.4400 (Phone)
800.964.4442 (Toll Free within NC)
252.237.4396 (Fax)

Direct Phone Numbers to Inpatient Facilities:

Kitty Askins Hospice Center

919.735.5887 (Phone)
919.735.5948 (Fax)

SECU Crystal Coast Hospice House

252.777.4201 (Phone)
252.777.4439 (Fax)