How Can I Get Hospice Grief Counseling

There are different stages of grief, but there is no one way to experience these stages. Grief is individualized, and every person deals with loss in their own way. There is no right or wrong.

But it is important to realize you don’t have to go through this journey alone. We don’t expect you to. 

You see, we treat our patients and their loved ones like family—and family stands by each other and supports each other. It’s during times like these that we want to provide the support you need to help you get care in this difficult period of life. 

How can I get hospice grief counseling? We’re here to tell you. There are 7 important things you need to know in order to get the most out of your counseling. 

How Can I Get Hospice Grief Counseling? 7 Things You Need to Be Aware Of

1. Bereavement Services Are Not Just for Families

We understand that grief envelopes more than just the family. Friends and coworkers are often an important and integral part of the lives we touch at 3HC. Therefore, remember that even if you weren’t a family member, services are still available for you. 

2. Our Nurses and Counselors Have Received Specialized Training

Remember that our nurses have received training to ensure that we are able to intervene appropriately and promote emotional interdependence within your family and friends. You can rest assured that we have the experience that enables us to meet your needs. We understand that the grieving process is different for everyone, and we respect and make room for those differences. 

3. You Can Get Services Long After the Death of Your Loved One

Our bereavement services are available for more than a year—13 months—after the death of the one you love. We understand that grief is a process, and that there is no timeline.  We will be sure to help you along on your journey. 

4. We Recognize that Grief Is an Individual Process

Our team understands that everyone comes from a different place in relation to grief. Emotions can be complicated and rarely do two people experience loss in the same manner. Our team recognizes that and stands ready to help when you need it, in the way you need it. 

5. 3HC’s Grief Counseling Has Many Facets

For those wondering ‘how to get hospice grief counseling?’ we want you to know that our services present themselves in several different ways.  These include visits, telephone calls, support groups, mailings and even memorial services.

6. We Offer a Wings Camp for Grieving Children

Children grieve differently from adults, and our Wings Camp not only provides a safe space for them to reflect their feelings, but it allows them to interact with other children who are going through similar challenges. 

7. We Have Bereavement Services Open to the Entire Community

Through our Bereavement Center in Goldsboro, we provide a resource of reliable information for those who have lost someone special. In addition, we offer community programs geared at helping others understand and process grief.

How Can I Get Hospice Grief Counseling? It’s as Simple as a Phone Call

At 3HC, we see our patients as family. When there is a loss, it affects everyone. A part of our pledge of treating you like family is being there when you need us most. 

When your loved one passes away, you’re still eligible to receive all the benefits associated with our bereavement support. If you have questions, please let us know.

3HC Has a Longstanding Tradition of Treating Patients and Their Loved Ones Like Family

We’ve answered the question “how can I get hospice grief counseling? ”When you are going through grief, you may feel like you are at the lowest, most depressing point of your life. But look around you. There are people who love and care about you and who are ready to reach out and help you along this journey. 

Remember that no one processes grief at the same pace or in the same way. However you are processing it is the right way for you. 

We want to be an integral part of your support system. For information on our bereavement services, contact us at a location near you. We have offices from the Triangle area to the NC coast.